As the owner of special technology, we produce the liquid eyeliner with Japan ink and nibs, the quality and technology contented in the products are confirmed by test as at the first level worldwide. 
Meanwhile, we produce the high quality liquid eyebrow and thus help the consumers to have safe and simple makeup.
We do OEM and ODM business with worldwide customers and the products are finally satisfy the consumers from Asia, Europe and America markets.
Since the products are used around eyes, we import and use the pigmented liquid with high safety and excellent color performance. The liquid is water and sweat resistant but can be removed very easily with warm water.
We start with the principle of safe product, simple to use, for your beautiful eyes, to produce the much higher quality products with our unique technology ability and rich experience for customers.
We, as pioneer of the special technology, will persist to strive to challenge ourselves for the best products to satisfy the final consumers.